Why hire a personal fitness trainer? You may ask, “What can a trainer do for my that I cannot do myself?” Our specially trained fitness professionals will offer you:

  • Private Sessions providing one on one guidance through a workout designed and based on your personal goals. For example, if you would like to loose weight and tone up, our fitness professional will design a program to tighten and tone muscles and burn calories, while adding calorie burning cardiovascular intervals to speed up your weight loss.
  • Assessment  The trainer will initially assess your level of fitness on your first visit to Personal Touch Fitness. A “before” photo, along with “before” measurements will be recorded, and kept confidential in your personal chart. Specifically, the trainer will measure, resting heart rate, active heart rate, flexibility, body fat and inches. Assessments are repeated and charted every six weeks to track your progress.
  • Health History  Along with your initial assessment, a personal health and fitness history will be taken so that your personal trainer can more specifically target in on a fitness regime suitable for your level of fitness.
  • Your Goals Matter.  In addition to the health and fitness history, your personal trainer will sit down with you and review your goals for fitness, well being, and nutritional needs. Goals will be recorded in your personal chart and reviewed every six weeks to ‘stay on track’.
  • Form Is Crucial to Success Your trainer will spot you while you workout, which means to check your form and make sure that you are doing it right. She will motivate you to push further and harder than if you were trying to do it yourself.
  • An Ear for You.  Your trainer will be there for you, to answer questions, concerns, and, if need be, to re- design your program based on how you are progressing with your goals.
    Every step of the way, your trainer will add his or her professional advice and apply professional fitness skills to you to help you reach your goals. In addition, all Personal Touch Fitness trainers are Nationally certified and are required to attend workshops and classes semi-annually to improve their knowledge and expertise, so that they can give you the safest, most efficient workout you can get!

Meal Planning Services

Personal Touch Fitness trainers also offer a service to provide you with a healthy eating meal plan. We do not advocate any “fad diets”, however, we will work with you on a creating and monitoring your food log, and develop a healthy, lifelong eating plan that works for you.

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