Work From Home Diet Pitfalls

When I first found out we would be working from home due to the Covid-19 restrictions I thought “this is my dream come true”! And it still is for the most part except for that dang kitchen of mine. I am not one to bring my laptop into the kitchen because I know the pitfalls of that. However I tend to bring little plates of snacks into my office. Same thing. Then I find myself in and out of the kitchen making concoctions killing time and procrastinating. Mind you, all of this food I am taking in is healthy as I do not keep sugary and processed foods in my house for the most part. however, my eating has gotten a bit compulsive and I am into a habit of snacking rather than meals. I used to eat a very structured lunch of salad with a protein every single day. When commuting I would bring that in and I had a very structured schedule for meals. Now I find myself munching on nuts, salad, fruit of every kind, smoothies, and various concoctions usually made of peanut butter, protein powder, oats, raisins and nuts and rolled up into various balls, which I freeze… or sometimes baked in the Instant oven using no recipe. Believe me, I have no culinary background, so sometimes it’s a leap of faith! Today’s word of advice- Keep your laptop out of the kitchen and keep the food out of your office!!!

Treat Yourself to Health!

It’s that time of the year when we all feel sluggish. Getting up in the morning when it’s dark, going coming out of work and it being dark. It’s a tough time. For me I tend to get depressed and want to lay down after work. I have to really force myself to exercise. Perhaps I should join a gym or buy an app to exercise from home. The option to workout outside becomes slimmer as the weather gets worse. But cheer up, there is always an option – and remember every little step counts! Try using a Fitbit or a step counter challenge yourself. And don’t get down on yourself if you don’t do something. There is always tomorrow to start again and there’s always time to add a little bit of activity or movement into your day. Try three 15 minute workouts instead of one 45 minute one. Try three 15 minute dog walks!! If you don’t have a dog, grab your neighbor’s!