Client Janet Says:

” My Personal Touch Fitness trainer Sheila has opened up some things for me that
were really not in my world before.  I never saw myself as having a personal
trainer, and exercise, I mostly looked at and said, ‘No, I can’t do that!’
Sheila has made this all possible for me!”

Mike –
Assistant Manager, Bike & Pedestrian Team

“When with the Y, I collaborated with Sheila many times. She was always reliable, prepared, intentional, and great to work with. Sheila has always had a passion for wellness and helping others. I would definitely work, collaborate and/or hire any time.”

Lisa – Client and Colleague

“Sheila Dunn is an expert in wellness, fitness and nutrition programs for all age groups, from young preschool children, to adults and Senior Citizens. Heading the Health and Wellness Department at the Meadowlands YMCA, she helped establish and foster partnerships with many different school districts, Recreation and Health departments, and corporations, in a variety of topics relating to improving health and wellness of her clients. She is vey hard working and dedicated to her profession and always strives to improve and challenge herself. Her work ethic is outstanding, as she is meticulous with every detail and always gives 100 percent. Sheila has always been a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend her for future career opportunities.”

Maria – Capital Area YMCA Colleague

“I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Sheila Dunn. She is a hard working, dedicated individual who truly cares about the entire family. She shows compassion and great insight when it comes to improving the nation’s health and well-being. Her Social Responsibility is backed up by giving back and providing support to her neighbors. And lastly she is dedicated to Youth Development in every sense. She can see the potential of every child and teen and help them to achieve. It has been a pleasure to recommend Sheila Dunn.”

Client – Carol R. Anderson –

Sheila has superb skills as a trainer, just the right balance of encouragement, pushing through my resistance, and taking a personal interest in her clients and their outcomes. As an older client, I am interested in improving balance and stamina as much as weight loss and body definition. Sheila provides the most comprehensive initial assessment I have encountered, focuses on her clients’ individual needs with compassion and discipline, and introduces enough variety to keep easily bored me engaged.

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